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'The Flash': Robbie Amell Promises Ronnie Will Return

'The Flash': Robbie Amell Promises Ronnie Will Return

The actor gives a seal of approval to the new Firestorm, but tells fans that '[he]'ll be back.'
Robbie Amell wants to make sure that he's still part of the S.T.A.R. Labs team. The actor, who left "The Flash" following his character Ronnie's heartbreaking fate earlier in this season, teases his return sometime in the future.

Amell, who will star in comedy movie "Nine Lives" alongside Jennifer Garner and Kevin Spacey, recently posted on Instagram a photo with Franz Drameh, who plays the new half of Firestorm, Jefferson "Jax" Jackson. He wrote along with the pic, "Firestorm is in great hands. But I'll be back."

Amell's character Ronnie is presumed dead after he's sucked into the singularity to save the world in the second season premiere. However, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said earlier this month that "that doesn't mean that we've seen the last of Robbie Amell on this show." There has been a speculation that Ronnie could be on a different Earth, but it's not confirmed yet.

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