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New Music: Young Thug – ‘Stunna’

Young Thug
Young Thug’s camp has never been good at stemming leaks.
Unexplained Thug tracks float to the Internet’s surface every few weeks, sometimes in bulk. Now there’s a new one, called “Stunna.” If it ever comes out, it’s got whole-club-drops-everything-and-sings-along potential, especially on the choppy, simple chorus.
“I’m a fu**in’ stunna / Ass big, Hummer,” shouts Thug.
In the last minute he lets his weirder tendencies take over and unleashes several guttural nonsense ad libs, which sound like how you might imagine a camel laughs.
You can catch Thugger on his first-ever headlining U.S. tour, which kicks off on Sept. 18.

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