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Angelina Jolie Is NOT on the Verge of 'Dying'

Angelina Jolie Is NOT on the Verge of 'Dying'

Despite circulating reports, Angelina Jolie is not on the verge of "dying." The National Enquirer previously reported that Angelina's anorexia and cancer had been relapsed and her family "feared she will be dead within a few years." 

According to the tabloid, the "Maleficent" actress "refuses to eat and has deteriorated to a mere 83 pounds." Her condition was reportedly "so grave husband Brad Pitt and their six children fear she will be dead within a few years."

The outlet then quoted a number of doctors, who never treated Angelina, as claiming that various medical problems can be associated with having lost a lot of weight and muscle. The doctors didn't speak specifically about the "Wanted (2008)" actress. A "so-called" insider said, "Angie is driving herself to an early grave. She looks like a walking corpse."

After noting that Angelina had double mastectomy in 2013, the magazine went on to share a "proof" that the actress "may still face a cancer battle." Another alleged source claimed, "Angie seems to be flirting with death. Friends worry that she could have as little as two years left to live." Her kids allegedly asked Brad "if Mommy is going to die."

Gossip Cop was quick to come up with a denial to the rumor though. The site pointed out at The National Enquirer's unreliable sources and doctors who never examined Angelina. A source close to the "Unbroken" director told the site that the story was 100 percent untrue and "just wrong."

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