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Amber Rose Is Victim in Alleged Prostitution Ring

Amber Rose Is Victim in Alleged Prostitution Ring

Amber Rose was being used to lure models into prostitution without her concern,TMZreports. According to the site, LAPD is currently investigating a company which was soliciting models for "a paid celebrity photoshoot and clothing line." 

The company reportedly told the aspiring models who contacted them after seeing an advertising on Instagram that Amber would be involved in picking the successfulapplicants. The company even set up what they claimed was a FaceTime session withWiz Khalifa's ex.

When the applicants called in, they saw Amber struggling with a bad connection and the session was eventually cut off. The session was actually made up from an old video from Amber's Ustream.

The company later lied to the applicants that they would be set up "on dates with rich guy," with a catch. The company then sent a text message to the applicants, asking if they would be willing to be intimate. If so, they might get modelling gig and more contact with Amber.

One of the applicants reported it to LAPD on Monday, August 17, alleging the company was trying to rope her into a prostitution ring.

Amber hasn't commented on the issue yet.

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