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Justin Bieber Shows Off His Bare Butt, Miley Cyrus Compares Him to Rihanna

Justin Bieber Shows Off His Bare Butt, Miley Cyrus Compares Him to RihannaJustin Bieber gives his fans a big surprise as he is completely naked, flaunting his bare butt, in a picture he posted on Instagram on Monday, July 6. Miley Cyrus quickly reacted to the picture and compared it to earlier Instagram picture posted by Rihanna to promote her "B***h Better Have My Money" music video. 

In the said picture, Bieber is naked while standing by the ocean. One of his hands is pointing at the hill across the sea. As the picture is taken from behind, it reveals his bare butt and tattoos on his arms and calves. A caption of the picture read, "Look."

Cyrus reacted to the 21-year-old singer's Instagram post. The "Wrecking Ball" hitmaker cropped the picture at the butt part and posted it on her Instagram account with a caption which read, "Bieber VS Rihanna." Apparently, Cyrus wanted to compare Bieber's butt picture to the "Diamonds" songtress' butt picture posted earlier. Similar to Bieber, Rihanna posted on Instagram a still image taken from her "BBHMM" music video showing her butt.
Furthermore, Cyrus edited Bieber's picture in such a way that the butt part got enlarged. It resembled Kim Kardashian's figure on the cover of Paper magazine. She captioned it, "Bieber got back!"

Meanwhile, Bieber's fans a.k.a. Beliebers stormed Twitter following their idol's naked picture. As the picture was taken from behind and only showed rear view of his body, fans wanted more and asked Bieber to turn around with #TurnAroundJustin hashtag. His picture has become viral on internet and garnered more than 800,000 likes in 4 hours. 

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