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Iggy Azalea I Can Get Married in Peace Squashes Legal Beef with Ex-BF

0709-iggy-azalea-hefe-wine-tmz-facebook-01Iggy Azalea just cleared the decks for a wedding to Nick Young by wrapping up all the legal drama with her ex-boyfriend. 

According to our sources, Azalea and Hefe Wine have come to a settlement in their epic battle over whether Hefe has rights to her music and a sex tape he claims they shot together.
We're told the agreement calls for Iggy to cut a small check to Hefe -- and by small ... we mean small. As one source put it ... "He couldn't even get a Honda Accord out of it."
We're told Azalea is relieved to have the whole ordeal behind her ... so she can get back to focusing on her music, and her eventual wedding to her Lakers star fiance.

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