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YOUNG THUG I'M COMING TO L.A. The Game's Gun Threats Don't Scare Me

Threats are already flying between Young Thug and The Game -- but bullets could be next because Thug is REFUSING to change his upcoming plans to visit Game's turf.

The rappers have been blasting each other verbally since last night when Game got on the mic at a New Orleans club ... and warned Young Thug to squash his beef with Lil Wayne, or the Piru Bloods would get involved. He also dared Thug to come to L.A.
It got worse when Thug posted a video response -- complete with a friend brandishing an automatic weapon. 
Sources close to YT say he'll be in L.A. soon (they wouldn't be more specific) for some studio time, and he has no plans to change that after Game's threats. Ditto for a summer concert scheduled for the L.A. area. We're told Thug doesn't plan to do anything differently. In short, he ain't scurred.
We've reached out to Game -- no word back yet, but his threats are getting more detailed. 

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