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Video: Amber Rose Proves Her Butt Is Real, Lets RuPaul Squeeze It

Video: Amber Rose Proves Her Butt Is Real, Lets RuPaul Squeeze ItAmber Rose shot down rumors that her incredibly huge booty was fake. The supermodel proved that her butt was natural by letting RuPaul squeeze her bum in the Tuesday, May 12 episode of E!'s plastic surgery talk show "Good Work". 

In the newest episode of the "Botched" after show, the host asked politely whether or not he could touch Rose's booty to prove its authenticity. "Think of me as Judge Judy," RuPaul said. "May I please squeeze the evidence?" Surprisingly, the 31-year-old star obliged and was not even shy to show him how he had to grip it.

"You've gotta lift it like that," the blonde beauty instructed while shaking her buttock. RuPaul followed the lead, giving Rose a good squeeze. "I concur," he said. "This s*** is real! This case is closed. I love it!"

On the chat show which also featured "Botched" doctor Dr. Terry Dubbrow, Rose revealed that she wore a 36H bra but said that she would likely have a boob job. "It's just this area over here [pointing to her side boob] is just skin. I wanna fill it out but I don't know if I want to get an implant because my boobs are really nice," she told the panel.

In response to Rose's plan to have breast implant, Dubbrow assured that she didn't need to do anything with her lady lumps as they were naturally full and not droopy. The plastic surgeon also shared with Rose that she was the inspiration for most of his patients who wanted to have their bottom lifted.

"That's awesome," she said, reacting to Dubrow's statements. "It's a compliment, you know what I mean?" 

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