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Tyga Facing Arrest Warrant After Stiffing Landlord for $124,000 in Back Rent

Tyga Facing Arrest Warrant After Stiffing Landlord for $124,000 in Back Rent
A landlord urges Tyga to pay $124,000 in back rent. The landlord even warns the rapper that he will send him to jail if he doesn't pay the unpaid rent immediately. 

Tyga rented a house in Calabasas, Calif. back in 2010 but he stopped making payments. The landlord then set a judgement for $90,000 in back rent. However, the rapper never paid the judgement.

After five years of waiting, the landlord now is considering legal action to force Tyga back in court. Last month when Tyga was having a sneakers-signing event at Hollywood, the landlord handed him a legal paper. The paper was actually a summon for the rapper to appear at a hearing over back rent.

According to TMZ, Tyga didn't appear at the hearing, pissing off the landlord. Tyga's attorney later attempted to reconcile with the landlord by offering to pay his lawyer bill for the hearing. However, the guy refused the bid.

To make matters worse, five days before the hearing Tyga posted a snap of him sitting next to stacks of cash via Instagram. Now, the landlord demands Tyga to pay the full judgement plus the interest which has swelled to $124,000. The man also threatens to send Tyga to prison if the rapper doesn't immediately pay the required sum of money.

Tyga is now on his European tour. His next concert will be held on May 16 in Eventhalle, Bulach, Switzerland. The rapper has also been scheduled to perform in Baden-Baden and Auggen in Germany

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