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Kylie Jenner Is NOT Pregnant With Tyga's Baby

Kylie Jenner Is NOT Pregnant With Tyga's BabyContrary to circulating rumors, Kylie Jenner is not pregnant with Tyga's baby. The cover of OK! Magazine's latest issue featured Kylie's photo with a headline "Kylie Pregnant at 17!" According to the outlet, she first shared the news to Khloe Kardashian and she vowed to become "a better mom" than Kris Jenner. 

A so-called "source" told OK!, "This wasn't planned. But whispers are that she's several weeks along and she fully intends to go ahead with the pregnancy. She adores Tyga and believes that the baby will keep them together." According to the tabloid, Kylie thought the supposed pregnancy would be "the fast-track to marriage" and she's talking about addinga baby nursery to her new mansion.

"She's unbelievably calm about the whole thing," the source said, adding that Kylie's family was not taking the baby news well. "They honestly didn't believe it when Kylie first told them," the source claimed.

However, the outlet also alleged that Kris was already planning a spin-off for Kylie, Tyga and their "baby." The source said, "Kris is already seeing dollar signs. She is positive that people would tune in to watch Kylie's travails as a young mother. She knows how much attention a baby brings and she can't help but be excited."

Gossip Cop was quick to come up with a denial to the rumor though. The site cited its own source close to Kylie as claiming that the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star is not pregnant. The source said the story was "100 percent false." 

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