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Trey Songz Releases Surprise 'Intermission' EP

Trey Songz Releases Surprise 'Intermission' EPFresh off finishing his European tour with Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz surprised his fans on Tuesday, April 14 when he unexpectedly released a new EP. The R&B crooner made all songs off the project called "Intermission" available on his SoundCloud and then alerted his fans via Twitter, writing, "Just a lil Intermission," alongside a link to his website and atrailer for his upcoming album "Trigga Reloaded". 

The EP opens with "Intermission (Intro)" and features five full tracks including "Don't Play", "Boss", "Good Girls vs Bad Girls", "Talk About It" and "Change". These songs will hopefully keep fans entertained until Trey's anticipated LP comes on June 23.

"Trigga Reloaded" is a re-issue of the 30-year-old heartthrob's sixth studio effort, 2014's "Trigga". The updated version will have additional new songs including single "Slow Motion" which he debuted earlier this year.

"With Trigga Reloaded, I wanted to give records like 'Slow Motion' and other records that I had no place for a home," he recently explained "Reloaded". 

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