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Justin Bieber Crashes High School Prom, Students Go Wild

Justin Bieber Crashes High School Prom, Students Go WildJustin Bieber crashed a high school prom on Saturday night, April 25. The "Beauty and a Beat" singer was nearly crushed by ecstatic students at Chatsworth Charter High School 2015 prom in Chatsworth, California. He was joined by his friends Hailey Baldwin, Gabby Westbrook and Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd. 

Justin retweeted some postings from Chartsworth's students who captured the moments Justin hit the dance floor and began dancing with them. Some videos showed theattendees couldn't stop screaming when Justin walked through them. At that time, the "Baby" hitmaker wore a brown shirt and a black fedora hat.

"Justin Bieber showing up at our prom? I think we know who had the best prom this year #cchsprom @justinbieber," Chats Senior Class wrote. A female student posted a video of her dancing with Justin along with caption, "I DANCED WITH @justinbieber AT MY PROM."

Another female student posted, "THANK YOU @justinbieber FOR THE BEST PROM." In another video posted by a male student, some ecstatic attendees were seen falling down as Justin and his bodyguard walked through them. "No other prom will ever be as turnt as #ChatsworthProm2k15 !! Did @justinbieber go to your prom ??" the student captioned the video.

Earlier in the day, Hailey hinted at their surprise appearance. She tweeted, "Does anyone wanna take me to prom?" She later posted a photo of herself dancing at the party. "I found a prom and @gabbywestbrook was my prom date," she captioned it. Gabby, meanwhile, wrote, "Hailey and I just crashed a prom."


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