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T.I. Announces New Album 'Traps Open'

T.I. Announces New Album 'Traps Open'

T.I. is going trap with his next album.
While promoting his film "Get Hard" in a new interview with HipHopSince1987, the rapper dropped some details about the second installment of his "Paperwork" album trilogy, including the new title and what to expect from it.

" 'Paperwork', man, it's a trilogy," Tip said. "The first installment, 'The Motion Picture', was supposed to be cinematic; it was supposed to be nostalgic; it was supposed to, kind of, give an application of - how can I say - the sounds of yesteryear mixed with the hip-hop of today."

He went on revealing what he planned to do with the next "Paperwork" project, saying, "This next one is going to be unapologetically gangsta. It's trap music, and it's called 'Traps Open'."

For now, it's still unclear when the new album would be released. T.I. also confirmed in the interview he hadn't thought about collaborating with other acts for the LP.

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