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SUGE KNIGHT Hit & Run Victim Told Cops 'I FU**ED HIM UP!'

The guy who survived the Suge Knight hit and run proudly told deputies ... he attacked Suge with a flurry of punches right before getting run over.

According to investigator's docs ... Cle "Bone" Sloan was still in his hospital bed when he described the incident to cops by saying, "I fu**ed him up!"
In the docs, Sloan adds he punched Suge several times through the driver side window ... and when Suge tried to exit his truck ... he punched him some more. That part of Sloan's story matches exactly with the surveillance video TMZ first posted of the incident.
But Sloan also told investigators he was attempting to walk away from the truck when he was hit -- but in the video he still appears to be fighting when Suge throws the truck in reverse and smashes Sloan.
Another inconsistency ... Sloan says he arrived at the Tam's parking lot AFTER Suge. In the video ... Sloan is waiting right next to the parking lot when Suge pulls up.
Suge has claimed he only ran over Sloan and Terry Carter in self-defense ... believing they were getting ready to shoot him.

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