Rihanna Wants Nicki "NOW"
The #thirst is too real and stated publicly on Instagram…there’s No Shame In Her Game, Rihanna Wants Nicki Minaj “NOW” and not a minute later!

Guess when you got it, you got it and this Bajan queen hopes the Queen Barbz has enough to go around. There’s No Shame In Her Game: Rihanna Wants Nicki Minaj “NOW” and just posted a flick to her IG with “NOW” @nickiminaj captioned under–“Mmm bitch betta gimme those t*tties”—well, damn LOL!!!
Of course the Rihanna Wants Nicki Minaj “NOW” post is a dope way to kill two birds with one stone. We’ve seen her flirt with the Pinkprint princess before, claiming her “West Indian main” all over IG in the past and even going as far as cupping and smacking her booty on stage in concert and during hugs between the two (LOL, smooth Riri). But of course it’s an excellent advance on her latest single and app promo for “B*tch Betta Have My Money” that’s been banging ever since it dropped.
Check out the gallery up top for the original post that had No Shame In Her Game: Rihanna Wants Nicki Minaj “NOW” and see the lust in her eyes for yourself! No answer from Barbz yet but if this keeps up no doubt all eyes will be on these two for every bit of it–most likely including Meek Mill’s!
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