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Justin Bieber Working on New Album With Kanye West

Justin Bieber Working on New Album With Kanye WestJustin Bieber has been working on his new album with some of music's big names on his collaborators list. The Canadian superstar revealed he'd enlisted Kanye West and Rick Rubin for the new project as he discussed his new music in a new interview with USA Today. 

"I'm finishing up the album now, working with Kanye and Rick," said Bieber. "I'm not rushing it, I'll just wait until it's totally done." West has collaborated with fellow big names in the game including Rihanna and Big Sean. Rubin, meanwhile, has produced for everyone from rappers like Eminem and Jay-Z to pop stars including Adele and Lana Del Rey.

Asked how the new album would sound like, Bieber added, "I don't want to say 'it's different,' because that's what everyone says. But it is different, it's a grown-up version of Justin and I think people will be shocked."

Bieber also told USA Today that his album was actually done, but he decided to scrap it. "My whole direction has changed," he said. "What you are thinking about all the time is what you write, and now that I'm thinking about more positive things, it completely changes my music."

"I had to re-do my whole [new] album. It was done but it didn't match up to where I am now and where my head's at," he explained. "I want to tell my story, but I also want to give people hope. I lost hope for a while, I was in a dark place, but it's about getting out of that rut. It's about knowing there's sunshine on the other side."

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