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Amber Rose Fails to Cover Her Nipples in Nearly Nude Beach Pic

Amber Rose Fails to Cover Her Nipples in Nearly Nude Beach PicAmber Rose bared her big boobs and booty while sun-tanning on a Maui beach in Hawaii on Wednesday, March 25. Wiz Khalifa's ex shared on Instagram two NSFW photos of her reclining on a towel wearing only a pair of thong. 

In the first shot, the 31-year-old model failed to cover her boobs with one hand, exposing both nipples. She tried to emphasize her curvaceous figure by placing one of her hands behind her head and crossing one leg to the front. "If only this beach was actually Topless #Maui," she captioned it.

The second snap was taken from a different angle, giving fans a full view of Amber's entire derriere. She wrote alongside the photo, "Groceries."

The sexy model also shared a video of her dancing and singing in a car along with caption, "I want u." In the video, she was seen wearing a Hawaiian flower necklace while striking sexy poses like biting her lips and sticking her tongue out.

On Tuesday, Amber shared some motivational words to her followers about how she no longer cares about what people think. "As u grow and really get to know yourself, figure out what ur truly passionate about and actually start living ur life 2 the fullest... you'll stop giving a f**k about what ppl say. It's a whole new empowering level of life and I'm living it," she posted.


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