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Wait, Kim Kardashian Made How Much Money Off Her Game?

Wait, Kim Kardashian Made How Much Money Off Her Game?
OK, so you know that “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” game that you’ve been hopelessly addicted to for months? You know, the one that has likely ingrained permanent damage on your personal relationships and cursed you with a serious case of insomnia? Yeah? Well, it’s also totally devouring your savings account, too.
Glu Mobile Inc., the maker of the reality TV star’s mobile game, has announced its third quarter earnings, and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD is Kimmy K.’s title raking in the dough.
The freemium app, which has been downloaded over 22.8 million times, has generated a whopping $43.3 million in sales since its launch on June 27.
“Glu’s third quarter was the strongest in the company’s history,” stated Niccolo de Masi, Chief Executive Officer of Glu. “The record quarter was driven by the strength of ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’…”
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The company also noted in its release that they’ve “extended the term of the license agreement with Kim Kardashian-West for an additional three years.” So, you can expect to continue fighting for your life on the A-list for years to come.

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