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Justin Bieber I'll Paint Walls and Move Desks To Satisfy Hard Labor

Justin Bieber
will satisfy his community labor requirement in the egging case by working for MusiCares ... a foundation that helps musicians struggling with health, addiction and other issues ... TMZ has learned.Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Justin will satisfy his 5-day labor requirement by working at the facility's L.A. headquarters, doing things like painting walls and moving office furniture. We're told he will NOT be teaching music to anyone ... the entire 5 days will involve physical labor.

People required to do community labor typically perform services in 3 ways ... picking up trash on roads and freeways, graffiti removal and beach clean-up.

The problem with Bieber -- everyone involved realized it would be impossible for him to do any of this because there would be a mob scene which would probably prevent him from doing the work.

We're told there's precedent for using MusiCares to fulfill community labor requirements. The Probation Dept. and judges have allowed it before, and it serves the function.

Bieber's lawyer Shawn Holley was in court Monday AM and told the judge Bieber would complete the community labor by February 10th.   Although the probation report specifically says arrangements are being made to complete community labor at MusicCares, Holley tells TMZ it's not in cement.

We're guessing he won't be wearing a shirt when he paints.

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