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Beyonce Sued for $3M Over Single 'XO'

Beyonce Knowles
A backing singer named Ahmad Javon Lane claims the song is a rip-off of his 'XOXO' which he wrote for another singer who works for Bey.Beyonce Knowles is being sued over her single, "XO".
reports that a background singer named Ahmad Javon Lane has filed a lawsuit against the singer, claiming that the hit is a rip-off of his song called "XOXO".

In his suit, Lane says he wrote the song "XOXO" and shared it with another singer who provided background vocals for Beyonce. The 33-year-old diva learned of the song and then stole it for her 2013 self-titled album "Beyonce". Lane is seeking at least $3 million in damages.

This is not Bey's first time to have faced trouble over "XO". In late December, former NASA astronauts and their family slammed the former Destiny's Child member for using audio from the space shuttle Challenger explosion at the beginning of the track. Seven people were killed due to the 1986 explosion.

Beyonce isn't the only Carter who's been accused of stealing a song. In a separate report by TMZ, her husband Jay-Z, along with frequent collaborator Kanye West and Frank Ocean, is being sued by Joel Mac who says the trio's "Made in America" is actually his.

In his lawsuit, Mac explains he was selling copies of his CD outside a New York hotel where the stars were staying while working on their "Watch the Throne" album. Mike Dean, a producer for the album, was among those buying the CD which contains Mac's version of "Made in America".

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