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Suge Knight and Katt Williams Deny Robbery Accusation

Suge Knight and Katt Williams Deny Robbery Accusation
Suge Knight denies that he forcefully took a female photographer's camera in an alleged incident in early September. The rap music mogul's lawyer Richard Schonfeld told NY Daily News on Thursday, October 30 that his client was in no shape to do the alleged conduct because he was still recovering from gunshot wounds.
"Our position is that the charges are absolutely unfounded," Schonfeld told the news outlet. "I can tell you from the evidence I have seen, it doesn't support the charge against Mr. Knight. [The alleged victim] didn't mention Suge Knight doing anything to her in her statement to the police."

"Mr. Knight had been released from the hospital just seven days earlier. He was in no physical shape to do anything," he said of the incident which allegedly took place in Beverly Hills, California on September 5. "My understanding is that Mr. Knight wasn't immediately present when the conduct occurred."

Knight appeared in court on Thursday when his suspended license charge reduced to a parking ticket. The judge gave him 90 days to pay a $190 fine. He would remain in Clark County Detention Center prior to another court appearance on Monday.

Knight was taken to custody without incident on Wednesday in Las Vegas, while Katt Williams was apprehended in Inglewood court following a separate assault case. The producer may face up to 30 years in jail for second degree robbery. Williams, meanwhile, will spend seven years in jail if convicted.

Williams also denied that he and Knight snatched the photographer's camera. Speaking to a TMZ videographer, the comedian said, "Her story is clear that she got in an altercation with me, but she didn't. She says Suge too, but she didn't have an altercation with that person either."

Some sources close to Knight additionally shared similar account. The photographer named Leslie Redden allegedly was taking photos of Knight's child in an alley and refused to delete the materials as requested by Williams' female friends. The sources also claimed that Redden lied, saying that she had the camera with her when the police came.

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