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Is 50 Cent’s Beef With Floyd Mayweather Finally Over?

After a year filled with disses, 50 Cent might just be done feuding with Floyd Mayweather.

“I don’t have bad intentions for Floyd,” the G-Unit General tells XXL. “I don’t want to see him lose. I don’t go to sleep and wake up like, ‘I hope you f–king lose, stupid.’ No, I already got past that when I said what I said. I’m already done dealing with that right there.”
Despite saying he’s done feuding with the boxer, 50 also elaborated on why he’s mocked Mayweather’s past relationship with model Shantel Jackson, who is now with Nelly.
“I don’t understand how you get to that point and it still be so f–ked up with the girls and sh-t like that,” he says. “There is no woman that I f–ked with that I wasn’t finished with before I finished the situation, since I had been successful. I don’t lose people to another person.”
50′s been trolling Mayweather all year, even dissing the fighter’s literacy, which is at least part of the reason he’s been called “The Ultimate Troll.”

One person 50 isn’t trolling with is Eminem. In fact, Fif says he doesn’t see himself ever feuding with his mentor
“Eminem gave me the shot that I needed at a point where he was so influential that there was nobody more influential than him,” 50 explains. “I don’t have value for a lot of the relationships that I developed coming up on this journey, but Eminem is the guy. He’s the one. He’s been consistent with me the entire time and I love him to death.”

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