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Iggy Azalea Criticizes Her Australian Label Over Magazine Photos

Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea is unhappy that the Australian division of her label seemingly did not listen to her request, so she vented her frustration on Twitter. The "Fancy" hitmaker took to the social networking site on Thursday, October 16 to criticize her label for giving magazines permissions to use her old photos for covers of new editions. "I'm going to publicly say something to the Australian division of my record label right now because my message seems to be ignored privately," she started. "Stop giving permission on my behalf for magazines to purchase images of me that have already been printed in major publications for covers."

"Australian label, I love you guys but you allowed my image to be sold to cosmo Aus when I told you I would prefer for that not to happen," Azalea continued. "And now this morning I see you've allowed Maxim Australia to buy an image from a 2011 Complex mag shoot and put it on the cover. I think it's awesome anyone would want me on the cover of a magazine, but there's a right way to make that happen and the Australian label clearly aren't respecting my wishes. A magazine cover deserves an accompanying photoshoot not a reused image."

In the next post, Azalea addressed Maxim Australia, telling them that she would have given some time for photo shoot and interview. "Maxim australia, thanks for the love and I'm sorry no one asked me. I would have love to have given an interview & done a shoot with u guys," she said. The tweets are no longer available on her timeline.

Azalea recently made headlines because of her online feud with Snoop Dogg after he mocked her make-up free face. The veteran star eventually apologized to the "Black Widow" hitmaker after talking to their mutual friend T.I.

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