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Video: Akon adai ndoa ya Jay Z na Beyonce ni ya biashara, The Carters wakaa kwenye hoteli ya tshs mil.50 kwa usiku 1

Did Akon just spill the beans on Beyoncé and Jay Z's relationship?

As rumors swirl around the solidity of power couple Beyoncé and
Jay Z's union, fellow musician, Akon, makes a bold statement about their

When Akon was approached by TMZ reporters
earlier this week, he offered his personal observation, which implied
the Bey Z relationship is more about the Benjamins than good
old-fashioned love.

"Their relationship has been more of a business to the outside world
than an actual relationship," the "Smack That" singer said to TMZ.

Akon also made a valid point, saying that when two prominent figures
become involved with each other, then it's only natural that they open
themselves up to the scrutiny of the general public. "If you become a
public figure and you have a relationship, your relationship also
becomes public," he said. "So if you don't open up to the public, they
will naturally speculate."

In the case of Beyoncé and Jay Z's relationship, Akon's theory
certainly rings true. In 2014 alone, rumors about infidelity and divorce
have run rampant about Bey Z, as the two refuse to address any of the
gossip head on. Though the couple is currently on tour together, the media is convinced they are heading for splitsville. Beyoncé added fuel to the flames last month when she changed lyrics
to a song about infidelity while on the stage, and she seemed to direct
the ditty at her hubby. However, the "Irreplaceable" songstress is
consistently posting happy family photos on Instagram, which include Jay and their daughter, Blue Ivy, which only serve to add to confusion about the status of their marriage.

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If Beyoncé and Jay Z don't want the public to speculate about their
relationship, then they might want to take Akon's advice and be a little
bit more forthcoming. However, judging by the conflicting information
given by Beyoncé, as well as the complete absence of facts, it's quite
possible that speculation and talk is exactly what this so-called
corporate couple wants.

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