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Oh Look, Rihanna Just Got Trashy(er)!

Well, guys, get ready to sigh and cry and all those other actions that your body does when it just can't deal with anything, because Rihanna posted that picture up there on her Twitter, and honestly? It's stupid as hell. Like, if you need this nonsense spelled out for you, these are leggings covered in what look like marijuana leaves, little cigarette packs that read "school kills," basketballs that say "bad education," and who could forget those big "shady" and "pain" labels? Oh, and the super classy crotch squash. Yes, this is exactly the kind of fashion that just screams Rihanna, and boy, is it sad.

It's just, do you really need this much attention? Is it that important to you to come across like an ignorant jackass? Is that what the kids consider "cool" this days? Because meanwhile, in reality, it's actually kind of pathetic.

We'd say something like "Do better, Rihanna," but it just doesn't seem like that's something she's capable of. Maybe it would be better to say something like "At least try to not be the worst influence ever and also get your hand out of your pants sometimes" and just leave it at that.


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