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Nicki Minaj Disses Rihanna: Feuding Over Drake?

Nicki Minaj is sticking by Drake’s side when it comes to his broken heart! Drake is reportedly upset after his split with Rihanna, and Nicki thinks that RiRi owes him an apology! Has Nicki fallen for Drizzy or is she just being a good friend?
Uh oh. It seems like another girl fight is brewing — over a man! Nicki Minaj “wants to call Rihanna out” for her breakup with Drake, according to a new report. We all know that Nicki has been there for Drake since the very beginning, but is there more to her being territorial than friendship? Is Nicki out of line to interfere in Rihanna’s romance department? Click to VOTE and let us know if you’re Team Nicki or Team Rihanna!

Nicki Minaj ‘Wants To Call Out Rihanna’ Over Drake Split
No one messes with Drake! That’s what Nicki Minaj has to say, at least.
“Drake has been pretty down since Rihanna dumped him,” OK! magazine reveals in a new report. “She really broke his heart. Nicki wants to call Rihanna out on it. She’s very protective of Drake.”

Nicki goes on to completely diss Rihanna for her attitude and ego. Woah!

“Nicki thinks Rihanna needs to step down from her pedestal,” the magazine added.

We totally get that Nicki wants to be a good friend to Drake, but is it her place to call Rihanna out or should she just let the former beaus figure out their problems on their own?
Does Nicki
Have The Right To Diss Rihanna?

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