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Beyoncé Shuts Down Divorce Rumors With Symbolic Instagram Pic

Divorce rumors are swirling around Beyoncé and Jay Z as they continue on their “On The Run Tour” but according to Beyoncé’s Instagram, she’s still part of a team.
While the singer is notoriously private about her personal life, even she couldn’t resist taunting her haters with a not-so-subtle message: she’s a Carter.

The pic shows Beyoncé in a Carter jersey that is, of course, the number four.
Anyone who is familiar with the mythology of Bey and Jay knows that this number is important to their relationship. They were both born on the 4th day of their respective birth months, and they were married on April 4th in 2008—4/4/08 (four times two is eight… you get the picture). The symbology with the number 4 goes on and on, but Beyonce seems to have made her point clear with a single picture.
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