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Beyonce & Jay Z Dine as Happy Couple with Blue Ivy, Beyonce All Smiles While Jay Z Kept Low Profile

Beyonce and Jay Z went out for lunch with daughter Blue Ivy last week and looked happy as a couple. Beyonce smiled most of the time during her outing and seemed completely unaffected by all the recent rumours surrounding her marriage while Jay Z kept a low profile. The couple went out for lunch as a family to San Francisco's posh eating joint called Boulevard and showed no signs of animosity when they dined.
Beyonce and Jay-Z perform "Drunk In Love" at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California January 26, 2014.
The "Drunk in Love" couple is surrounded by rumours that their marriage is going to end after their current "On the Run" tour. However, Beyonce has been posting pictures of herself with husband Jay Z on her Instagram account where the couple looks happy and very much in love. In their recent pictures too, which can be seen on Daily Mail, the couple looks happy. Beyonce has often been spotted going out with daughter Blue Ivy and Jay Z amid all these rumours.
There have been several reports in the media that the couple is staying at separate hotels but this time both Bey and Jay splurged on a $30,000 per night Presidential Suite in luxury St. Regis hotel. According to the hotel's Web site, the suite has just one bedroom in a sprawling 3000 square feet area. Queen Bey and Jay Z decided to stay in the same suite amid divorce rumours.
After having a family lunch together, the couple also joined pals Black Eyed Peas' Will i. am at city's Tosca Cafe until 2 am, Daily Mail reports. Beyonce was completely oblivious to all the negative comments surrounding her marriage and remained calm throughout the dinner.
"It was something you could never imagine seeing when Jay and Bey walked in. Beyoncé smiled at anyone who she made eye contact with and appeared to be at total ease despite what everyone has heard," revealed a witness at the restaurant to the Web site.
However, Jay Z's reaction was different and he did seem a little tense at dinner, according to onlookers.
"He did look uncomfortable and had the look of someone who was trying to keep a low profile, like he didn't want to put a toe out of line. I'm not sure what happened because they left really abruptly while their friends were still happily chatting away and enjoying themselves," the onlooker revealed to the Web site.

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