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The Butler Script Stolen
A precious script from "The Butler" -- signed by Oprah and the rest of the cast -- has been stolen ... and cops think it could turn up at an L.A. sale.

Co-producer David Jacobson came home recently to find his doors flung wide open, his Hollywood house ransacked and his car missing. A frantic Jacobson searched inside and quickly noticed one of the pilfered items was the prized script.

Cops determined Jacobson was hit by a burglar who had broken into other homes in the area.

We're told 2 other victims  found some of their stolen property at a nearby garage sale.  Cops talked to the people who were running the sale and the guy told them who gave him the stuff to sell.

So cops got a search warrant for the suspect's house --  Police found several stolen items and arrested 3 people at the house, but the script was nowhere to be found.

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