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Old 'drug' video of Angelina Jolie is ancient history, say insiders

On Tuesday, the National Enquirer posted an alarming 16-minute video of a 20-something Angelina Jolie taken by onetime drug dealer and ex-con Franklin Meyer, now 69, who’s spent the past half-decade peddling gossip about dealing cocaine and heroin to Jolie in the late’90s, when she was living in the Upper West Side’s Ansonia Hotel, where the tape was made.
“She was not a serious career drug addict,” he said of Jolie, whom he says he first met in early 1997 at the Hotel Chelsea. But, he added, “Whether you smoke, shoot or snort heroin, in the end you end up in the same place.”
Meyer also talked to Life & Style magazine in 2010, saying that Jolie was coked up when she appeared in a now-famous interview with Charlie Rose in 2000.
“She did the show and then she came back” to his apartment later, Meyer claimed.
“I don’t understand why they’re running this now,” said another trade source, who recalls seeing video of a drug-addled Jolie taped by Meyer. “When the 2010 version of this story ran, that was a follow-up on an even earlier iteration of the same story.”

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