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HBD, 50 Cent, We Asked An Astrologer To Predict Your Future

With a new album out last month, Animal Ambition, a TV show on Starz and another soon on Comedy Central, rapper, entrepreneur, and writer 50 Cent must be doing 50 things an hour. Surely, this 4th of July weekend should be special for 50 — it’s his birthday on July 6th! Let’s sneak a peak at his birth chart and see what fate has in store.

50 Cent was born in the sign of Cancer, a sign that is famous for two things. First, its ability to create a lovely home (no wonder he is so tight with neighbor Martha Stewart). Cancers understand security, both physical and emotional. Second, its tough exterior — crabs have difficult shells to crack! Getting to know a Cancer, as nurturing and empathetic as they are, can be a difficult feat.

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